Since we sell several types of merchandise through our auctions 

Please take the time to review the Terms and Conditions of each auction 

As well as the FAQs below

What types of Merchandise do you auction?

We Liquidate and Auction several types of merchandise, retail shelf pulls, returns, overstock, estate and new in box items. Please see the auction and check the preview for more details.

Please understand we are a Liquidation company and are selling excess inventory or merchandise, and even if the condition is stated as new, it may still have some minor defects, as in torn or shelf worn packaging, etc...

How do I pay? What if my card gets declined?

Items MUST be paid at end of auction - Credit Card registration is required  and your card will be charged at the end of the auction.- Unpaid or declined invoices will be continued charged until paid and may be charged at a lesser denomination until paid. 

What if I have an outstanding invoice?

Unpaid or declined invoices will be continued charged until paid and may be charged at a lesser denomination until paid. You may at our discretion pay cash at pickup. But any outstanding invoices must be settled even if you forfeit and did not pick up your merchandise in a past auction. Any outstanding bidder may be blocked from bidding on our auctions.

What condition is the item in? It shows a stock photo...

Stock photo items, unless described as new or new in box, come in varying conditions. We do not open the boxes nor inspect the items. We will have a posted preview day, that you as a bidder can come and determine the condition of the items you are considering bidding on. A stock photo does NOT represent that the item is new or without issues. You are purchasing as-is.

What does AS-IS mean?

"As is" denotes that the seller is selling, and the buyer is buying an item in whatever condition it presently exists, and that the buyer is accepting the item "with all faults", whether or not immediately apparent. 

In the liquidation industry, such AS-IS policies are common. In order to reduce costs and keep selling prices low -  We operate a no returns policy with all sales deemed final and all goods sold AS-IS irrespective of condition.

What if I can not preview an auction?

Please contact us and we MAY give you our option of value and/or condition. But it is just that. It is always best for you to preview on your own. But if you can not please take that into consideration in bidding and once you receive your items. Remember all items are as-is...

I got home and some part or pieces are missing / broken / the color is wrong, etc?

We do our best to describe any items and mention any obvious damage/defects. Also that is why we start most of our auction lots at $1. It allows you as the bidder to determine what price you are willing to pay based on the condition.  But ultimately the due diligence of purchase rests on you as the buyer. Since we can auction items at a discount from 30-8o% - that risk is priced into the liquidation items at auction. Please take the time to preview the items you are considering before you bid.

What are Pallet Fees? What if I do not want to keep the pallet?

Pallet fees are charged for the labor of us palizating the items into one pallet, and not a fee for the actual pallet itself. You are more then welcome to take the pallet, as long as it is wooden. Or leave it behind. But the charges are not refundable and clearly stated in the Terms and Conditions. 

It want to Return / Exchange / Refund on an item I won?

We do not allow any refunds, returns or exchanges. Sorry that is why we offer items at auction and they start at $1 in most cases.

Can you make an exception for me on your terms and conditions? Just this once...

No we are not able to make exceptions, as we would be required to make the same exceptions for all the bidders. Our terms and conditions are set to provide a level playing field so that all bidders have an equal and fair opportunity to bid and win items at auction. 

I am not able to make pickup? Can you ship?

Of course we can ship. We use Pak Mail in Phoenix and they will be contacting you with in approx 15 days after the auction to arrange shipment. 

If you miss pickup and do NOT setup other arrangements - your items will be forfeit , and there is a possibility that you will not be allowed to bid on further auctions.


Where is the Pickup? Times,Location Etc...

We send out an invoice after the close of the auction. The auction location & pickup times/dates will be stated in the email. Please refer to each auction for details. Please note that our auction may take place at several different locations and times based on the auction itself. Please do not assume that all auctions will be from our physical warehouse. 

Auction information is also located in marketing emails and on the online auction site - please make sure you view and verify that location before making the trip to the wrong location.

It states it is a Queen but it is a King? Or Simular size issues?

Although we do our best to describe all items, errors can occur. It is the buyers responsibility to verify Sizes and conditions. We will also do our best to arrange a resolution at the time of pickup concerning sizes. Once you have left the auction facility and accepted your auction items there will be no offer of resolution.

Do you open or inspect the items before auction?

In most cases we DO NOT open any items to verify any conditions. With Liquidated items, they come from the retail, distributor or consignor and are sold in the same condition as received at our warehouse or onsite. In the rare chance that we inspect an item we will do our best to describe it as such. But it is your responsibility to determine the condition of the item based on your expeditions and at what price you are willing to bid and pay for such item.

It looked new in the photo, but there is an issue?

Many of our auctions are for Liquidation, and with that items may be in varring of conditions. Please do your own due diligence when bidding and make sure you come to the preview. Sizes and conditions may be estimates or our opinion of condition - please do your own due diligence

I did not pick up all my items or forgot or left something behind?

We do our best to assist you in obtaining all your auction winnings. But it is your responsibility to make sure you have everything you won prior to signing the invoice and leaving the auction location.  Once you have left the auction location no credits, refunds or exchanges will be be issued. Left merchandise will be considered abandoned and forfeited, and be be disposed as we see fit.

What do I need to do to pickup? What if it is large do you load? Can I get help packing and wrapping

Please bring a valid photo id to pickup. You may sent someone in your stead, with written permission. 

We DO NOT provide loading assistance. You must bring your own loading supplies and assistance. We do this for your safety and ours. 

I did not come to the preview, but I got home and something is wrong with my auction item(s)?

We are not in the business of deception, but all items are Liquidation are sold as-is, with all defects. You were aware of and agreed to the terms and conditions of the auction before bidding, and the terms are binding.  Please make sure you come to the preview and determine the condition of the items you are interested in and bid accordly. If not please do not bid on the auction.

My auction item can not be located?

We do our best to make sure no item goes unfound. But mistakes can happen. Especially since we process over 200 bidders per auction and may have in excess of 600 lot items. We will do our best to locate any missing items and hold those items for a future pickup (if available). If the item can not be located, your only recourse is a refund of the auction amount for that item only.

What is Liquidated Merchandise? What are Customer Returns?

Companies may use varying product definitions to describe the condition of the goods being sold. Terms such as Liquidation, Salvage, Closeouts, Shelf Pulls, Overstocks and Returns are often used in the liquidation industry.  We use the umbrella term Liquidation Merchandise to describe any kind products which are being liquidated. 


Customer Returns are items that were once sold from the store (or website) and are then returned by the consumer in varying conditions.  Stores have varying individual return policies as well as product liquidation policies which can affect the type & condition of products you may see. Though policy will vary from store to store  – Large Majority of Customer return goods simply undergo a cursory visual check at the store level prior to making their way into a return load. Higher value items may be subject to more thorough inspection prior to being selected for liquidation.

The general “quality” of customer return loads can vary significantly from item to item and it is common that some lots may have a 50% or greater Defective rate while others are only 10% or 20%.

There is a real risk in purchasing customer returns and to a lesser extent, liquidation merchandise. Customers need to fully assume this risk prior to bidding.  Purchasing customer returns is not for everyone. 

Is everything you sell Retuns?

No not everything we sell but it is the staple of our business, as such the name Liquidate Az. But we also source items from Estates, Collectors, Vendor, Businesses and more . If you are looking to consign items with us please drop us a line.